Rules for Dogs in 100 of the Most Popular National Park Service Lands

We all want to visit our American national parks. And we all want to take our best trail companions with us. Unfortunately, we can't always do that. Find out the rules for dogs in our 100 most popular National Park Service properties with this ebook.

Grab That Leash and Hit the Trail!

You already walk your dog every evening, so you must be ready to start hiking with your dog, right? Perhaps, but a deep-woods nature walk isn't always a stroll around the neighborhood block. Find out what you need to get started hiking with your dog with this ebook.

Doggin’America’s Beaches

A Traveler’s Guide To
Dog-Friendly Beaches -
(and those that aren’t) 

It is hard to imagine any place a dog is happier than at a beach. Whether running around on the sand, jumping in the water or just lying in the sun, every dog deserves a day at the beach. But all too often dog owners stopping at a sandy stretch of beach are met with signs designed to make hearts - human and canine alike - droop: NO DOGS ON BEACH. Find rules for dogs on more than 1,300 Atlantic Ocean beaches, Pacific Ocean beaches, Gulf of Mexico beaches, and Great Lakes beaches in this ebook