The Best Day Hike You Can Take With Your Dog In Arkansas

Seven Hollows Trail
Petit Jean State Park • Morrilton

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.” — Phil Pastoret

The Seven Hollows Trail actually only visits four hollows (the other three are on private land) but this 4.5-mile loop packs so much scenic wonder your dog is likely to lose count. Petit Jean (forget your high school French, it is “petty jean’) was an obvious choice to be Arkansas’ first state park, a slice of land between the Ozark and Ouachita mountain ranges considered so beautiful it was under consideration to be a national park before being deemed too small.

There are many scenic spots in the eroded bluffs and forested canyons lubricated by Cedar Creek, including 94-foot Cedar Falls where Seaman can enjoy a refreshing swim in the plunge pool. The Seven Hollows Trail is on the opposite side of the park.

The route takes Seaman from lush hardwood forests to desert-like terrain where the sandstone is known as Turtle Rocks for their mottled appearance. Each hollow on this sporty canine hike has its own delights, from a hefty natural rock bridge to a secluded grotto in a box canyon beneath a rock overhang. Seaman may even find a waterfall and seasonal swimming hole here, conveniently located about halfway through his hike. Be sure to stop at Stout’s Point to learn the story of Petit Jean at her gravesite and soak in the impressive views of the Arkansas River.

HIKING TIME: 2-3 hours

(from the book 300 Day Hikes To Take With Your Dog Before He Tires You Out: Trails where you won’t be able to wipe the wag off your dog’s tail)


Hiking With Dogs in Arkansas