The Best Day Hike You Can Take With Your Dog In Utah

Little Wild Horse Canyon-Bell’s Canyon
Crack Canyon Wilderness • Green River

This is the best slot canyon journey you can take with your dog in the West. Little Wild Horse Canyon and neighboring Bell’s Canyon can be combined to form an eight-mile loop that provides an ideal introduction to the Southwestern phenomenon of slot canyon hiking.

Little Wild Horse Canyon is a classicslot canyon that narrows to single filepassing for Seaman in places. Bell’s Canyon is less claustrophobic but delivers gorgeous winding passages under high cliffs as well.

Expect obstacles and Seaman will likely need assistance in places: there are short rock scrambles and the occasional chokestone that blocks the canyon floor. Those floors are flat and mostly dry but count on cold brown water pooled dog-belly deep in spots as well.

Seaman can make the loop in either direction but clockwise (up Bell’s Can-yon to the the left first) seems to be the route of choice. A 1.5-mile jaunt along a wide jeep road links the two canyons through open desertlands and provides a refreshing break from the slots.

Saving Little Wild Horse Canyon for last negates a couple of the tougher rock scrambles and keeps the most exciting wiggles through the curvy passageways for last. The walls loom 300 feet high at this point. By this time, Seaman will realize he is on a hike like no other, one that will surely be talked about in the dog park back home.

HIKING TIME: 4-5 hours

(from the book 300 Day Hikes To Take With Your Dog Before He Tires You Out: Trails where you won’t be able to wipe the wag off your dog’s tail)


National Parks with Hiking

Arches National Park
Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in the backcountry

Bryce Canyon National Park
Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in buildings

Canyonlands National Park
Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in the backcountry

Capitol Reef National Park
Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in the backcountry

Cedar Breaks National Monument
Dogs are allowed on paved paths to overlooks but not on trails in this park

Golden Spike National Historic Site
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Natural Bridges National Monument
Dogs are allowed in the campground and on the paved trails to the overlooks but not on the dirt trails to the bridges

Zion National Park
Pets must be on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. Pets are not allowed on the shuttle buses, in the backcountry, or in public buildings. The only trail that pets may be walked on is the Pa'rus Trail, but be
courteous to walkers and bicycle riders. Pets are allowed in the campgrounds and along roadways. 

Hiking With Your Dog In Utah