Have you ever considered how far you walk with your dog? If you walk just 15 minutes a day you will have walked far enough in your dog's lifetime to cross the United States. With all that walking ahead of you, aren't you ready for a new place to take a hike with your dog? 

The Bay State can be a great place to hike with your dog. Within a short drive your canine adventurer can be climbing forested mountainsides that leave him panting, trotting in impossibly green ravines, exploring the estates of America's wealthiest families, circling lakes for miles and never lose sight of the water or romping down sandy ocean beaches. DOGGIN' MASSACHUSETTS explores the state's top trails with your best friend in mind... 

Where can your dog spot the elusive Massquatch? (page 113)
Where can your dog hike to the second most popular tourist destination in America in the early 1800s? (page 94)
Where can your dog enjoy farm fresh ice cream after his hike? (page 23)

No Dogs!
Is there any more dispiriting day for a dog owner than driving to a new park and encountering the dreaded "NO DOGS" sign? DOGGIN' MASSACHUSETTS tells you the parks that don't welcome dogs. Also packed inside these 150 pages are... ...what to expect of the trail ...tips on outfitting your dog for a hike ...tips on practicing low impact hiking with your dog ...and much more.

What makes a great place to take your dog hiking? Well, how about a paw-friendly surface to trot on? Grass and sandy soil are a lot more appealing than asphalt and rocks. A variety of hikes is always good - long ones for athletic dogs and short ones for the less adventurous canine. Dogs always enjoy a refreshing place to swim as well. For dog-friendly parks our guides describe the trail options for your dog, evaluate park traffic from other users, tell you whether you will need a guide dog to find your way around and, of course, tell you how to get to the park.

While walking the dog around Massachusetts, we bring along generous helpings of local history, botany, geology, architecture and more. So what are you waiting for? Your dog will want to hike to the home of the "Gloucester hermit" (page 17), hike through what Nathaniel Hawthorne called “the most curious fissure in Berkshire” (page 50), find the tallest single tree in New England (page 117)...