Your Dog And Alligators

The recovery of the American Alligator is one of conservation's great success stories. The gator is not only no longer endangered but the sale of alligator meat is now being planned. If you plan to hike with your dog near the coasts anywhere from North Carolina to Texas, alligators are a definite trail hazard you need to account for.

Alligators are found in marshes, swamps, rivers and lakes as well as neighborhood drainage ditches and canals. Use common sense and do not not allow your dog in waters where alligators may be lurking. Don't walk your dog close to water if you can avoid it.

But the danger is only in the water. If you see an alligator on land, just walk your dog away from the alligator - alligators do not run down prey on land. They may run on land to escape danger or protect a nest but will not come after you if it has an escape route to the water. Make sure you give him one.