March 2010: Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area

Redding, California

When construction across the Sacramento River began in 1938, the Shasta Dam was one of the most ambitious construction projects ever conceived. Completed in 1945, the water spilling over the Shasta Dam created the largest artificial waterfall ever seen - three times higher than the drop at Niagara Falls. Shasta Lake, fed by three rivers, is the largest lake in California. 

The Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area features more than 30 miles of paw-friendly dirt trails in three arms of the lake. Most are located in the McCloud Arm, including several less than one mile for canine hikers who like to bag many trails in an outing. The Bailey Cove Trail is a stand-out here as it loops for 2.9 miles around a peninsula in the lake. A longer scenic hike around a peninsula is the 7-mile Clikapudi Trail. This popular trail is shared with equestrians, joggers and mountain bikers. 

The headquarters is in Redding at 3644 Avtech Parkway.