June 2009: Black Mesa State Park and Preserve

Kenton, Oklahoma

This mesa in the far northwest tip of the Oklahoma Panhandle got its name
from the layer of black lava rock that coated the region about 30 million years
ago. Black rocks can still be seen scattered about today. The mesa is also the
highest point in Oklahoma at 4,973 feet. The Preserve is a lonely 15 miles northwest of the small Black Mesa State Park where you can camp, hike a couple of short nature trails and enjoy Lake
Etling if water conditions are right.

The ascent to the roof of Oklahoma covers 4.2 miles and is dead flat almost
the entire way, save for a brief switch-backing haul up the back of the mesa.
Once on top another level 15-minute hike is required to reach the red granite
monument marking the summit. This is an easy go for your dog with a wide, 
pawfriendly trail except for the rocky slopes of the mesa. There is little shade
and no water out on the mesa however, so take the proper precautions.

28 miles NW of Boise City on Highway 325.