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National Parks With Hiking

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
Dogs are allowed on the trails in this park

Scotts Bluff National Monument
Dogs are allowed on the trails in this park

Links to National Forests With Hiking

Nebraska National Forest
Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest
Oglala National Grassland

State Parks With Hiking
Nebraska State Parks
Dogs are permitted in Nebraska state parks but they may not be left unattended and are not permitted in lodges,
eating establishments, some cabins or on designated swimming beaches.

Alexandria State Recreational Area Area_No=1

Arbor Lodge Historical Park Area_No=4

Ash Hollow State Historical Park Area_No=8;

Ashfall State Historical Park Area_No=279 

Branched Oak State Recreational Area Area_No=34 

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Recreational Area Area_No=37 

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historic Park Area_No=38 

Chadron State Park Area_No=42 

Champion Mill State Historic Park Area_No=45 

Conestoga State Recreational Area Area_No=49 

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Area_No=273 

Fort Atkinson State Hsitoric Park Area_No=73 

Fort Kearny State Historic Park Area_No=97 

Fort Kearny State Recreational Area Area_No=98 

Fort Robinson State Park Area_No=77 

Indian Cave State Park Area_No=91 

Lake Ogallala State Recreational Area Area_No=100 

Lewis and Clark State Recreational Area Area_No=101 

Long Pine State Recreational Area Area_No=110 

Memphis State Recreational Area Area_No=114 

Merrit Reservoir State Recreational Area Area_No=115 

Niobrara State Park Area_No=126 

Pawnee State Recreational Area Area_No=135 

Platte River State Park Area_No=224 

Ponca State Park Area_No=143 

Rock Creek Station State Recreational AreaArea_No=150 

Rock Creek Station State Park Area_No=153 

Rockford State Recreational Area Area_No=154 

Schramm Park State Recreational Area Area_No=158 

Smith Falls State Park Area_No=308 

Summit Lake State Recreational Area Area_No=247 

Two Rivers State Recreational Area Area_No=175 

Wagon Train State Recreational Area Area_No=180 

Wildcat Hills State Recreational Area Area_No=193 

Willow Creek State Recreational Area Area_No=256 


Share A Favorite Hike With Your Dog In Nebraska

Your Dog's Favorite Hikes In Nebraska

Submitted by Tara:
Wilderness Park, south west side of Lincoln, Nebraska We love a day-long hike, or even a quick hour or two, amongst cottonwood trees alongside Salt Creek. The trail is over 22 miles long round trip. There are several different parking areas but the prettiest place to start is off 14th Street, south of Yankee Hill Road. Heading on the trail north of the parking area, there is lots of rushing water and thick groves of cottonwoods.

Submitted by Tara:
Indian Cave State Park, along the Missouri river Preferably when ticks aren't in season, trail 10 takes you straight up for a beautiful view and a workout to trail 11, which leads you to the Indian Cave and a dip in the river. Come back by trail 11, then you can head off in several trail options in thick woods, back to camp or the car!
("The trail compels you to know yourself and to be yourself, and puts you in harmony with the universe. It makes you glad to be living. It gives health, hope and courage, and it extends that touch of nature which tends to make you kind." Enos A. Mills, from "Your National Parks")

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